Becoming a vendor at SWEFm

The Southwest Edmonton Farmers' Market prides itself in our roster of high-quality, passionate vendors. As an Alberta Approved market, we accept vendors who make, bake or grow their own products in Alberta, as well as some B.C. Fruit vendors. We look forward to having you join our vendor family!

Our 2019 application form will be available in october

How to apply

  1. Download the current application form here.

  2. Submit your application, including a (one week table fee) $42 deposit cheque towards the season's fees to the address listed below by March 31, 2018 ( please feel free to apply after this date, as we may have a few stalls available). Do not send in full fees at this time. You will receive confirmation within 10 days of mailing your application that it has been received (please email or call us if you do not receive a confirmation).

  3. Cheques are payable to the Southwest Edmonton Farmers' Market.

  4. Submit copies of any documents that must be maintained on file with the Market Manager as described in our application form (eg. Home Study Food Safety certificates & proof of liability insurance with co-insured).

  5. Keep a copy of your application (which includes our current Terms and Conditions) for your reference.

  6. Once you hear from us that your application has been accepted, attend the Pre-Season Vendor Meeting at the Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre, the Wednesday before market season opening, mid-May. Details to follow.

  7. 2018 Vendors will be informed of our decision by April 4th, 2018 (or thereafter if applying beyond March 31st).

All vendor applications will be reviewed and accepted using criteria based on:  

  • the Rules and Regulations document,

  • the market mix and

  • the date the application is received.

We reserve the right to limit the Market size and to reject applications.  All applications are subject to review and approval by the SWEFM Steering Committee and all decisions are final. Vendors will be informed of our decision by Wednesday, April 4th, 2018 for applications received over the fall and winter.

REquired reading for vendors

Terms and Conditions: Our 2018 T&C are part of the Vendor Application Form.  

Set Up Standards: Our tent and weight requirements, along with emergency take-down procedures

2018 Application: Please complete and mail with deposit cheque by March 31st.



  1. Each stall is 10' deep and 10' wide.

  2. Each vendor is allowed a maximum of three (3) stalls, at the discretion of the market manager.

  3. Vendors are required to provide a copy of a Certificate of Insurance and a copy of an Additional Insured Endorsement that includes the following list of "additional insured:" Southwest Edmonton Farmers Market, Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre, City of Edmonton and Terwillegar Riverbend Advisory Council.

  4. A deposit of $42 must be submitted with the application. This deposit will be applied to the current season's fees or returned if the application is not accepted. Do not send full fees or installments at this time.

  5. There are NO REFUNDS once your application is accepted by the Southwest Edmonton Farmers' Market.

  6. A $42 processing fee is charged, for dismissal or termination of contract between the vendor and SWEFM.

  7. DO NOT MAIL CASH. Cheques or money order are made payable to:

Southwest Edmonton Farmers' Market 
c/o Terwillegar Riverbend Advisory Council, 
P.O.Box #5, 
2051 Leger Road NW, 
Edmonton, Alberta
T6R 0R9