Vendor Spotlight: Cold Treats in the Summer Heat

Find something cool at market!

As the end of August comes around, it's the perfect time to explore the cool treats at market before the chillier weather comes along! Whether cooling off from a long soccer game or adding a touch of cold to a hot meal, the market has everything to satisfy your chilliest of cravings. We have a very diverse group of vendors that offer original ways to beat that heat. From ice cream to coffee to lemonade, there are many ways to cool off during these last few days of summer!

One of the most popular vendors at the market during hot days is Cafe Bel-Air. A small popsicle stand that offers fresh, handmade all fruit popsicles. Their most popular flavour by far is the avocado coconut with a rich creamy flavour it is in stark comparison to the fruity favourites being both tropical fruit punch and the kid favourite mango lassi. From sweet to smooth Cafe Bel-Air offers a unique fresh take on homemade popsicles. Be sure to check in early every week as they rotate through flavours very fast and sell out on hot days.

For all the coffee lovers out there, Square 1 Coffee is the vendor to visit! This passionate vendor has extended their reach past coffee to also offer an iced green tea to all customers who still want something cold but without all that sugar. Their classic drink is a rich creamy cold brew perfect for customers who need that caffeine punch with the coldness of ice. Market tip check the fresh sheet every week to double check which vendor will be there that week.

Another fan favourite is the gelato vendor Cravings Gelato. This ice cream is presented with an Italian twist, making is fresher and more flavourful. All products are handmade with fresh fruit and natural ingredients. They offer a wide variety of flavours for every age, the most popular flavour being raspberry mixing the sweet flavour of gelato with the tartness of fresh raspberries.

Finally any market meal would not be complete without the freshly squeezed lemonade from Yellowbird Cafe Truck. The refreshing sour taste of lemon in a medium cup is the perfect pair for any meal at home or at the market. Yellowbird is at the market every week be sure to check out their fresh lemonade.

Come every week to check out new offers and meal available at the market every Wednesday from 4 to 7:30!



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