INFORMATION to introduce a kids' club at your farmers' market

Since the Sprouts Program launched in 2014, there has been interest from other Alberta Farmers' Markets for information on how to create their very own kids' healthy eating program. In order to support other Farmers' Markets, we have compiled information for other Market Managers about our experience launching and running the Sprouts program, and how to get started with your very own club. We ask that you do not use the Sprouts name or logo for your new kids' club, as we would like Sprouts to be SWEFM's unique program and believe each program should be suited for the feel and culture at each individual market.

Our downloadable Kids' Club Guide for Market Managers is available here. You can also view our 2014 webinar on launching the Sprouts Program on YouTube here.

The Power of Produce Club in Oregon City:

We did not come up with the idea for Sprouts on our own. We came across the idea listening to a webinar that was put on by a Washington State Farmers’ Market Advocacy Group that featured a market in Oregon City, Oregon. Their program, POP, The Power of Produce, was developed with the aid of US government grants and now occurs in farmers’ markets across the U.S.

We have adapted their program to serve the unique character of our city and of our market, situated as it is in the heart of Edmonton’s southwest in an area that is bursting with young families. While Sprouts is a marketing tool, it also helps us to meet important educational and community-building goals that we have for our market.

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Sprouts is a wonderful staple of our market, and the Sprouts families love being able to easy and affordably encourage their children to make healthy eating choices. We wish you all the luck in developing your very own children's program, and please contact us if you have any questions!